Tcam Private Funds

Establish flourishing investments

Our Tcam private funds enable larger client or family portfolios to be aggregated in a secure, tax efficient corporate structure.

These funds are differentiated from other unitised vehicles as they have the greatest level of investor protection with regard to allowable investments, ensuring a high degree of diversification. The benefits of establishing a Tcam Private Fund include:

  • Simplified tax position: One of the key benefits of this structure is that gains generated from sales made within the fund are not   subject to capital gains tax (CGT). This provides a great deal of flexibility when managing assets without CGT constraints. Capital gains only become a consideration when units are sold and this can often be timed by the investor.
  • Administrative simplicity: Administration is far simpler compared to investing in a conventional portfolio of investments. In some cases this can significantly reduce the reporting burden for certain entities, such as trusts, where simplified tax returns can lower tax compliance costs. All charges and running costs are taken from within the fund.
  • Bespoke performance monitoring: The reporting of the Tcam private funds can be tailored and performance can be easily monitored. Accounts are prepared by the fund’s auditor each year to ensure accuracy.

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