Discretionary Investment Management

Guiding you with precision

We construct a personalised investment portfolio which is designed to meet your bespoke needs.

Your dedicated member of our team will work with you to determine how much risk to take in your portfolio when constructing an investment strategy. We ensure that your portfolio is well diversified by investing across a wide range of asset classes including equities, bonds, property and alternative assets, not limited to hedge funds and specialist structures. Investment decisions are led by Haig Bathgate, our Joint CEO and Chief Investment Officer, who is supported by a team of in-house analysts and external advisers.

Our investment objective is to protect and grow your wealth, capturing the majority of the returns of global equity markets when times are good and adding real value by safeguarding your portfolio when times are tough. We have high conviction in the investments we make and avoid getting drawn in when the consensus view is at an extreme – positive or negative. We take a cynical approach to investment and are instinctively contrarian - perhaps not surprising given that our business originated in Scotland!

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