a bespoke Process Tailored to your needs


We have three Tcam investment portfolios which are constructed thematically and provide a straightforward and cost-effective way of accessing our investment strategies. These are managed in-house and represent our best ideas in the growth, income and absolute return spaces. The Tcam investment portfolios can be accessed individually or combined and have been designed to cater to the full spectrum of risk and return objectives and take account of your preferences with regard to income, capital growth and protection from market volatility. Your dedicated member of our team will be on hand to discuss which combination is best for you.

In addition, we have recently launched two direct equity strategies, VT UK Strategic Value and VT Japan Strategic Value. These funds primarily invest in companies with strong balance sheets and good free cash flow. This is the first of a range of style bias direct equity funds that seek to provide the returns of active managers at significantly lower cost.